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In the dynamic world of Dostoom, innovation takes center stage, and Regant+ is proud to introduce a groundbreaking project: the Dostoom Mobile App designed by Regant+. Designed to redefine how pet owners connect with essential pet services, such as veterinarians, groomers, and more, this app is poised to revolutionize the industry. Let’s dive into the transformative features that make our app a true game-changer:


Vet Services: Bridging Pets and Veterinarians

With Regant+ at the helm, our Dostoom Mobile App seamlessly connects pet owners with veterinarians. The app features a user-friendly interface, while veterinarians enjoy dedicated panels to manage incoming orders, accept appointments, and tailor specialized services to each pet’s unique needs. The app also offers specific purchasing options, ensuring a seamless and transparent transaction process for both clients and veterinarians.


Grooming Services: Personalized Pet Pampering

Grooming is a vital aspect of Dostoom, and the Dostoom app simplifies the process with two distinctive options: grooming at home or grooming at the clinic. This flexible approach empowers pet owners to choose between professional care and the comfort of their own space. The app streamlines the grooming experience, offering predefined services and empowering vendors to manage orders with ease from their dedicated panels.


Pet Taxi: Safe and Reliable Transportation for Pets

Understanding the needs of pets on the move, the Dostoom Mobile App introduces a Pet Taxi service. This feature connects pet owners with trusted vendors offering pet-friendly transportation solutions. With real-time tracking and upfront payments, customers can rest assured that their beloved pets are in safe hands during their journeys.


Shop: A Marketplace Curated for Pets

The Shop section of our app offers a curated selection of pet essentials. Whether it’s nourishing food, engaging toys, or stylish accessories, customers can explore a diverse range of products from various vendors. Integration with a third-party courier service ensures timely deliveries, and customers can track their orders conveniently within the app.


Matching: Where Pets and Owners Form Bonds

Taking inspiration from popular dating apps, our Matching feature brings potential pet owners and lovable pets together. By swiping through profiles of adoptable pets, users can express their interest. Mutual matches initiate conversations, enabling seamless communication between the adopting party and the current caretaker. The Pet Taxi integration ensures a smooth transition for the adopted pets.


Pet Device: Enabling Pet Wellbeing

Regant+ extends beyond the basics, offering a feature-rich Pet Device integration. Users can purchase and manage innovative pet devices directly within the app. Additionally, our app highlights Regant+’s own product prominently, ensuring that pet owners have access to the best solutions for their furry companions.


Pet Education: Enriching Pet Knowledge

In the realm of pet education, the Regant+ app empowers users with valuable insights from industry educators. This unique feature enhances understanding of optimal Dostoom and fosters a community dedicated to the wellbeing of pets. It’s a testament to Regant+’s commitment to comprehensive Dostoom.


Adoption: A Path to Forever Homes

At its core, the Dostoom app is dedicated to facilitating pet adoption. The Adoption feature connects potential pet owners with animals in search of loving homes. By swiping through profiles of adoptable pets, users can discover their future companions. Mutual interest sparks conversations, with the integrated Pet Taxi service ensuring a smooth transition for adopted pets.

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